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Stockholm Old Town, Vasa Museum and Canal Cruise

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All the best of Stockholm in one tour - famous Vasa museum and splendid canal ride. Enjoy learning the history of Sweden's legendary vessel and admire its grandness and beauty and complete the tour with the relaxing and exciting boat ride through beautiful islands of Stockholm
5 hrs
Private Tours
Pro Gruppe
20 min
Skansen (the Sconce) is the first open-air museum and zoo in Sweden; it is located on the Djurgården island. You can visit a full replica of an average 19th-century town, see craftsmen in traditional dress such as tanners, shoemakers, silversmiths, bakers and glass-blowers demonstrate their skills. There is even a small patch growing tobacco used for the making of cigarettes.
Royal Palace
10 min
The Royal palace is located on the spot of the Kronor Castle - Stockholm's first building. Currently it’s the residence of king of Sweden and his family. The palace can be visited with the pre-booked tour. You’ll see the Hall of State, the Royal Chapel. Daily ceremony of the changing of the guards is organized at noon in the Outer Courtyard of the palace.
City Hall
10 min
Stockholm city hall can be seen from the embankments and bridges of the Gamla Stan. The elegant brick structure appeared in the beginning of the 20th century on the spit of the Kungsholmen island. The city hall is a venue for the Nobel Prize banquet and the symbol of Stockholm. The yard of the city hall is open for the visits; the building can be visited with the pre-booked tour. The bell tower has the observation spot with the beautiful panorama of Gamla Stan and the Royal palace.
Vasa museum
30 min
Vasa is a giant Swedish warship built between 1626 and 1628 to become the flagship and the pride of Sweden. The ship foundered after sailing less than a mile into her maiden voyage in 1628. She was discovered in the late 1950s and eventually moved to the Vasa Museum in Stockholm. Vasa is one of the most popular attractions of Sweden and one of its main symbols.
Gamla Stan
60 min
Gamla Stan or The Town Between the Bridges is Stockholm's old town, located on Stadsholmen island. Gamla Stan dates to 13th century. It’s a charming labyrinth of narrow streets with old houses, numerous restaurants and souvenir shops. Stockholm’s main attractions like the Royal palace, Nobel museum, Stortorget square and many other are hidden inside the Gamla Stan.
Shared/Join-in Boat Tour
60 min
Stockholm is an archipelago of a total of 17 islands between Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea . This is why the boat ride is the best way to see the numerous islands and bridges of the city. No surprise is that the historical name for Stockholm Old Town was "The city between the bridges". The tour takes you to the famous Slussen bridge complex, the oldest bridges around the Gamla Stan.
Day plan
08:45 - 09:00
Meet your guide and driver outside the main port gate.
09:00 - 10:30
Depart for the Panoramic drive of Stockholm city with multiple photo stops.
10:30 - 11:30
Tour of the Vasa museum.
11:30 - 13:00
Walking tour of legendary Gamla Stan (Old Town) of Stockholm.
13:00 - 14:00
Beautiful canal ride.
14:00 - 14:05
Finish the tour in the city center to explore Stockholm on your own.
Attention! The specified tour start time is the earliest available or an example! Usually, all tours start 30 minutes after your ship docks. Your tour start time will be adjusted accordingly after you book. If you have questions, please talk to our Shore Excursion Specialist to find out the exact tour start time for your ship.
In der Tour enthalten
  • Private professional tour guide (5 hrs)
  • Private tourist-class vehicle (5 hrs)
  • Stockholm panoramic tour
  • Stockholm Old Town (Gamla Stan Island) walking tour
  • Entrance fee to the Vasa museum
  • Join -in / shared canal cruise (50 mins)
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  • Meals / snacks
  • Drinks / coffee break
  • Other admissions / donations
  • Tips / Gratuity
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IMPORTANT: NO refunds for late passengers or for those who don't read their Stockholm Meeting Instructions and have been waiting at the wrong location.

Please note, a surcharge of 30% applies to all public holidays. This additional charge is added to the total group price given in the booking form.
Public holidays in 2020: 01.01, 06.01, 10.04, 12.04, 13.04, 01.05, 21.05, 31.05, 06.06, 19.06, 20.06, 01.11, 24.12, 25.12, 26.12 and 31.12


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