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A beautiful Art Nouveau town on the Norwegian West coast.
Tour Details
Alesund is a beautiful Art Nouveau town in the West of Norway. The 3 hour tour will take you through the unique history of this city.
3 hrs
Private Tours
Per group
1 pax: $494.0
2 pax: $247.0
3 pax: $165.0
4 pax: $124.0
5 pax: $99.0
6 pax: $82.0
7 pax: $71.0
8 pax: $62.0
9 pax: $55.0
10 pax: $49.0
11 pax: $45.0
12 pax: $41.0
13 pax: $38.0
14 pax: $35.0
15 pax: $33.0
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The cruise port is located in the center with the great view on the city. Main sites, restaurants and shopping areas are located walking distance from the dock.

The best view of the city is from partway up Aksla, a hill that overlooks the town, 400 steps smooth hike up. Alesund is famous for its consistant Art Nouveau architecture, as it burned down completely in 1904 and was rebuilt from the scratch in style popular at that time. Best activities are walks and hikes around the city center and the slopes of the fjords around. The city is also famous for the numerous annual festivals.

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