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Private Moscow Highlights on THU for 3-DAY Cruisers

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For the travellers to St. Petersburg we offer a unique opportunity to get a glimpse of the Russian Capital. This is available only for 3-day cruise ship visitors. Please note that the museums of Kremlin are closed on Thirsdays, so we'll spend more time exploring the city.
17 hrs
Activity Level
Tour category
Private Tours
Per group
St. Basil's Cathedral
10 min
Beautiful and ornate St. Basils is what you think is Russia. Dating to the times of Ivan the Terrible, this church is a true decoration of the Red square, which creates the unique Russian feel there. Unlike the similar church is St. Petersburg, St. Basil’s inside is a network of the small chapels, each dedicated to the different saint or holiday. Please note the church has numerous stairs with high steps.
Red Square
20 min
Red in Old Russian also stands for beautiful. So this name marks the beauty of the square, rather than the color of the Kremlin walls or the communist history. The Red square is beautiful by day or by night framed by the GUM building and the tall Kremlin wall.
Novodevichy Convent
10 min
It's a very large monastery in the center of Moscow, founded in 1524 by Bazil 3rd, the father of Ivan the Terrible. Bazil was also the first person in Russian history that sent his 1st wife to the monastery to obtain the right to marry for the 2nd time. It was his 2nd wife Elena Glinskaya, who became Ivan the Terrible's mother. Later the monastery became the home to many sisters and wives of Russian tsars, including Lopuhina, Peter the Great's first wife.
Moscow State University Building
10 min
Moscow State University main building is an impressive edifice, located on the top of Sparrow hills - highest in Moscow. Moscow University is one of the oldest and most respected schools of the country, which currently ranks among 30 best schools of the world. It is one of Stalin's 7 sister buildings, constructed in early 1950th.
Moscow Metro
45 min
Build deep into the ground, Moscow metro is richly decorated with marble and mosaics, looking as the real palaces under the ground. The first stations date back to 1935.Each station is different and each is a piece of art, yet used daily by millions of people as a part of city complex transport network.
20 min
Kremlin began as an ancient fortress, which became the historical and cultural center of the country and the office of the president of Russia. A large part of the Kremlin grounds is open for the tourists. The main attractions are the old cathedrals, like the one, where Russian tsars from Ivan the Terrible to Nicholas 2nd were crowned (1 cathedral inside visit), as well as Russia’s largest bell and cannon.
Cathedral of Christ the Saviour
20 min
Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is a massive white church with the golden dome, built on the high hill above the Moscow river. The current church is the 1997 reproduction of the old 1883 cathedral, turned down by the Bolsheviks after the revolution. The place became the year round swimming pool with the special water heating. The contemporary church is large and impressive.
Bolshoi Theater
10 min
Bolshoi translates as Big. And it is really one of the biggest theaters of Russia. It appeared here after the war with Napoleon on the spot of the first Moscow Theater. The best ballet and opera performances are shown here. The theater is large, so the performances are shown on the historical stage, the new stage (located on the same square), and the Beethoven concert hall, located in the main building.
Arbat Street
60 min
Arbat is a pedestrian street in the heart of Moscow, full with the old city charm. Every house has its own history and life. It’s the place full of life and energy with the street bands playing music, coffee shops, street artists, souvenir stalls, museums and unusual memorials. Arbat is a great place to spend great time, full with the old Moscow spirit and atmosphere.
Day plan
05:50 - 06:00
Meet your St Petersburg guide and driver by the ship.
06:00 - 06:30
Transfer to Moskosvky train station.
07:00 - 11:00
Fast Sapsan Train to Moscow.
11:00 - 11:15
Meet your Moscow guide at Leningradsky train station. Start exploring Moscow!
11:15 - 14:30
Moscow city Drive Overview Tour. It's a uniques chance to get to know the city.
14:30 - 15:30
Free time for lunch.
15:30 - 16:00
Walk the Red Square, the hub of Russia, with its fantastic "stone flower" St. Basil Cathedral, one of the symbols of Moscow.
16:00 - 17:00
A walk along Arbat Street, a colorful promenade with numerous souvenir stalls, antique stores, cafes, street musicians and painters.
17:00 - 18:00
The tour of Moscow undeground with the gorgeous stations. Finish at Leningradsky railway station.
19:00 - 23:30
Fast Sapsan Train back to St.Petersburg.
23:30 - 23:59
Meet your driver at the station and transfer back to the ship.
Please note that it is VERY important to be on time for all meetings with the guide. The itinerary of your particular tour may vary due to the museum admission times, but will include all items listed.
Included in tour

Live tour guide

Cruise ship - train station transfers i

Rail ticket St Petersburg - Moscow - St Petersburg

All admissions as per program (Kremlin, Armoury, subway)

Radio-headsets for groups 7+

Smiles and positive experience

not Included in tour


Admissions to St Basil cathedral, Lenin's mausoleum


Important info

Comfortable walking shoes are highly recommended!

To make your experience as smooth as possible we highly discourage the following clients from participating in this tour due to high program intensity:

  • Wheelchair/walker/scooter users
  • People who need walking asistance

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