Travemunde (Lubeck)

Old capital of Baltic Hansa merchant confederation
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These two Hanseatic towns may seem similar at first - however, they are actually not! Lubeck, often called the Queen of Hanseatic League, has its differences in comparison to Wismar which was named the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001. Where was the famous marzipan invented, and where is the Gothic Quartier situated - you will be ready to answer these questions after this tour.
9 hrs
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Travemunde (Lubeck)

The cruise terminal is located in the south of Travemunde town. There is about 15-20 minutes walk to reach Travemunde center with shops and restaurants. There is a railway station 5 minues away from the port that connects it to Lubeck (15 minutes ride). Tours to Hamburg may also be taken from this port.

As Lubeck is the first Hanseatic port on the Black sea, it's reknown for its architecture, which makes you feel, like you travel back in time to the 13th century. Libeck's city hall is the oldest in Europe. 

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