Zeebrugge (Brussels)

Enchanting town of Bruges. Beautiful capital of Belgium. All from one port.
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Famous by its cobbled alleys and gingerbread houses, Bruges is the most beautiful medieval town in Europe. This historic merchant city shows the peak of the prosperity of the Hanseatic League. This walking tour is a good chance to spend a day exploring the enchanting streets and medieval architecture of Bruges with a refreshing canal ride which reveals the hidden treasures of the most photogenic European city!
4 hrs
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Zeebrugge (Brussels)

The main port of Belgium is located in Zeebrugge. It's in the city center, close to restaurants and shops. But if you'd like to reach Bruges, you'll need to walk about 1 km to the nearest rail station and take 15 minutes train ride from there.

Brussels is 60 miles away.

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